Born in Japan, developed at Danisi.

The word was first coined in Japan in the 1960s to refer to the synergistic blend of mechanics, electronics and software technologies. But over the years mechatronics has come to mean a methodology for designing products that exhibit fast, precise performance. These characteristics can be achieved by considering not only the mechanical design, but also the use of servo controls, sensors and electronics.

The natural development of mechatronics is the autonomous driving that will allow in the near future to drastically reduce the number of car accidents exploiting tire performances beyond the limits set by human reaction times and by our ability to control a car.

In 2015 Danisi Engineering and a group of students and academics from the Engineering Department of the University of Florence set up a company called Meccanica 42. The company is dedicated to low volume production of mechatronic devices for the automotive industry, like semi-active differentials.

Drive the future, turn to Danisi.

Meccanica 42

Making ideas happen.

Meccanica 42 is a startup company created by the cooperation between Danisi Engineering and the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Florence, Italy. The company offers services and support on the development of mechatronic devices and manages low volume manufacturing of mechatronic products.

The close relationship with Florence University allows Meccanica 42 to keep up with the most advanced technologies and techniques, focusing on vehicle dynamics control and structural dynamics fields, whilst their technical skills are daily strengthened by the expertise of the Danisi Engineering team.

Last but not least, Meccanica 42 takes care of the proper training of their staff proudly supporting the Firenze Race Team, the Formula SAE team of the University of Florence.

Danisi and Florence. Skills with style. Would you expect any better?