Through its technical partnership with FEV, Danisi Engineering can provide engineering services to best integrate powertrain with chassis. Irrespective if your car has an internal combustion engine, an hybrid or an electric powertrain, we can study the layout and packaging in details to achieve the best solutions for performance and comfort.
Accurate powertrain measurement and simulation models from FEV are integrated in Danisi Engineering tools (including real time driving simulators with human, software and hardware in the loop) to have access to a unique virtual testing integrated environment, able to support the vehicle definition and development.
Packaging and weight distribution, reference mission cycle definition, battery positioning, powertrain mounting, cooling design, impact on chassis and suspension design are the steps through which we achieve the best performance and comfort for your vehicle.

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thyssenkrupp Steering is one of the leading suppliers of steering systems to the automotive industry with a wide product line that goes from steering columns to column EPS, dual pinion gears and rack EPS in a wide range of dimensions and power specs.

Danisi Engineering supports the R&D department of tk Steering in the definition of innovative testing and validation methodologies and in the creation of new algorithms for Vehicle Motion Control.

One of the main achievements of this collaboration is the development of the Modular Research Platform, an innovative flexible and modular vehicle where is possible to easily assemble different chassis actuators and components to test and tune new architectures and new VMC software.


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Addfor develops Artificial Intelligence solutions since 2008 pursuing the mission to provide the best integration of engineering and Artificial Intelligence technologies to its customers for actual solutions. Addfor has direct competence with known and new technologies using Machine Learning in order to find the right integration with engineering solutions for automotive, defense, energy, insurance and other industrial applications. In order to deliver robust integrated solution and exploit all the potential of the new technologies Danisi Engineering has finalized a strategic partnerships with Addfor.

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Danisi Engineering has signed a technical partnership with VI-grade, the leading provider of best-in-class driving simulation technology. Together, the two companies provide integrated engineering services to the global automotive market: VI-grade and Danisi Engineering will offer to automotive OEMs and Tier1 suppliers expertise, tools and products for the chassis design process, from the conceptual phase to the final sign-off, through simulation, design, prototyping and testing.

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Università degli studi FIRENZE

Danisi Engineering has been a long-term partner of the Department of Engineering of the University of Florence. Danisi offers internships and cooperation on research and development projects.

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Exploiting Danisi Engineering facilities in Modena, training and graduation students are completing their training experience in DE offices and some of them have the opportunity to start their careers in projects with the worldwide most known automotive brands.
Danisi Engineering is also involved with UNIMORE in different projects, such as participation to international events and with an active role in MASA-Modena Automotive smart Area, with representatives of local authorities and industries to support the use of the Modena smart area for new technologies development and experimentation.

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