Driving reality to the next level.

Danisi simulators


You feel acceleration and deceleration. The grip on the ground, the steering feedback; and you’re not on the road. The reality you’re driving in is a projection on our 7 meter fixed screens, created by our highly sophisticated projectors.
Everything is absolutely realistic. The driver’s perception included.


  • Researches that might be infeasible, too costly or unsafe in the real world, including assessing cognitive or physical ability, gaining understanding of driver performance and behaviour, are quickly and easily possible thanks to our two Driving Simulators. And deliver the same, accurate data of a test on real streets.


  • At Danisi you can test your vehicle well in advance before building the first prototype. You can assess its strengths and possible weaknesses to fix, performances to improve. You will shorten the product and training development, and be faster than your competitors. When you build your prototype, you already know everything about your vehicle. No surprises, no time wasted. Definitely an excellent investment to save your money.

Driving Simulation

Fruit of the partnership between Danisi and VI Grade, two simulators are available at our premises in Turin: one static, one dynamic. Both perfect. The moving platform machine represents the most recent trend in automotive human-in-the-loop simulation thanks to its innovative kinematics, resembling the dynamics of a real car. The telemetry data related to each driver session are stored automatically so that they can be later reviewed by drivers, track engineers and designers. Simply perfect. Test it yourself.


  • For the static simulator, Danisi engineers have developed an HIL test-bed for EPS steering system to reproduce steering feedback to the driver by including physical hardware instead of complicated software models. The dynamic simulator is used to assess the vehicle’s dynamics, its ride & comfort, control systems design and testing and human-machine interface.
The driving simulation is designed keeping your needs in mind whatever they may be.

Vehicle dynamics

Each vehicle is unique, each vehicle has its own specific performances to test.

Nothing is standard in our Vehicle Dynamics Development. Nothing, but the global quality.
Ask, and you shall be given.
The simulation is customized according to the needs of each customer. Our services?

  • Development of full vehicle handling and ride models
  • Software in the Loop
  • Hardware in the Loop(active systems and controllers embedded in the real time simulation)
  • Target setting for handling/steer/brake/ride comfort
  • Performance analysis of test + simulation data
  • Laptime analysis for sports cars + motorsport

Do you need anything else? Just ask and we’ll be glad to support you.

Because conditions may vary.

FEM Structural

Forces, pressures, accelerations, temperatures and contact between components. Conditions may actually vary. Nonlinear stress analysis is used to determine the response of parts and assemblies due to the effect of this variation.
At Danisi, this process enables designers and engineers to quickly and efficiently analyze stresses and deformations under general conditions while they are creating their design to ensure high quality, performance, and safety. Because, even if conditions vary – the quality of your vehicle must always be at its best.