Danisi Engineering Group took part as speaker and as Platinum Sponsor to the “VI-grade 2022 Zero Prototypes Summit” to reaffirm its leadership in the simulation field and in the set of innovative methodologies aimed to faster and more efficient product development. Danisi Engineering introduced two important innovations both conceived to save time and reduce the development costs of automotive products, emphasizing our “Simulotipation” approach, namely the ability of harmonize virtual, simulation and physical prototyping.

Meccanica 42, Danisi Engineering Group’s mechatronic company, presented the EPSiL Gen III, the state-of-the-art test bench for steering feeling simulation and evaluation, which combines a driving simulator with a physical EPS assisted steering rack to accurately reproduce the steering feeling to the driver.

To further expand the limit of the simulation technology, Addfor, in collaboration with Danisi Engineering Group, introduced Sybille, the revolutionary technology capable of nullifying distances!

Sybille enables the remote real time driving, allowing the link of different simulation rigs placed in different location to ensure, cancelling latencies, greater simulation effectiveness and maximum accuracy in performance evaluation.

During the event, Sybille gave practical demonstration of its ability: the Danisi Engineering static simulator test bench located in Turin, received the driver’s input from Udine and sent back the steering rack motion in real time, cancelling the distance of over 500 km. Sybille has been integrated within the EPSiL simulation loop, by a dedicated I/O infrastructure, suitable to receive, process and send the simulation results in real time. Danisi Engineering featured Sybille: new limits are broken!


Vi-Grade ZPS