Use of Simulation with HiL for Development of Advanced Vehicle Functions. Danisi Engineering with Thyssenkrupp and Meccanica 42 completed a first release of automated dynamic controls covering both linear and non-linear range, involving the actuation of steering system and brakes through the use of cameras and sensor fusion.

The main phases of the project were performed inside the Advance Vehicle Dynamics Center of Danisi Engineering – Nichelino (TO), with an extensive use of Simulators and HiLDyS (Human in the Loop Dynamic Steering) test bench: the use of virtual environment during the main phases of the project can guarantee time and costs saving, supplying safe and repeatable test conditions for the development, calibration and verification of advanced vehicle functions and reducing significantly the need of long and expensive tests on public roads and on track.

The expected functionality was demonstrated using a modified road vehicle that showed the robustness of the control system in extreme manoeuvres.

A technical paper and live tests on track were shown during the VI-Grade Users Conference (7th – 9th May, La Pista conference center and proving ground, Lainate, Italy). Thanks to this presentation and its practical demonstration, Danisi Engineering Team won the “best paper award 2018”.